Get ready for... Miami!

Florida, and Miami specifically, is one of America's must go, must see places. We stopped by only for few days, and unfortunately, the weather wasn' t the best (two weeks later hurricane Imra hit), but even though we were able to see some really cool places. 

We stayed in a hotel in South Beach, which was really awesome, especially because it was located less than 5 minutes walking to the beach and basically right next to the Lincoln Road, a street full of stores, restaurants, bars, and people from all over the world. 

I loved Miami because of it's a cool vibe. People just enjoying their day as it goes. The city was very vibrant, colorful and worm. 
Fashionable people and people with money, expensive cars or even yachts, never-ending vacation like feeling in the air, but also a variety of delicious food, fun at the beach and really spectacular art and architecture. On the other hand, lots of homeless and some neighborhoods I would not recommend to go wandering around. 

But let's talk about what is worth to see in Miami. 
We paid a visit to famous Cuban neighborhood, Little Havana and felt like we really ended up in Cuba. People playing Cuban music on every corner, or just hanging out in the park, playing card games and talking about life. And guys, if you want to eat the most delicious food ever, go there. You won't regret.

Our next stop was Wynwood Art district. Formerly industrial part of the city, nowadays full of cafes, breweries, clothing stores. But most importantly, art is dominating this area. Old walls were covered with street art, graffiti and became famous around the world. If you find yourself in Miami, do yourself a favor and go to check Wynwood Walls out.
We had so much fun there, taking pictures with colorful walls, admiring all the magnificent artwork and (of course) doing a little bit of shopping.

We also visited Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science, which was very interesting, with its aquarium and space exhibition (just a couple of weeks before that, I've been reading Martain by Andy Weir which I loved, and they had signed copy there!).

The rest of the time we spent just strolling around the streets and beach, breathing salty air, tasting food in the restaurants and well yeah, getting soaked by the rain.

One thing I noticed, while we were there was that some parts of the city didn't feel very safe, but that's the thing with every (not only) American city. Some areas are great and fun, and some of them you should rather keep away from. Be smart wherever you go is the key! 
I loved Miami. It was different than New York, of course. In a way, it was shocking because I got used to the crazy fast pace of the life in the city which never sleeps, but Miami was the exact opposite. Everybody was just enjoying life as much as they could.

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